Publications tagged `POLITICS`
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Polite Company We are a magazine the focuses on politics and religion and how that affects our lives. 0
All Things Discover new thoughts in tech, culture, feminism, politics, and more. 0
XS News XS News is an initiative started by Marco Andono Sie, Alexander Brown, and Kai-Ryn Tan. The initiative aims to enhance the media literacy of young people worldwide by condensing news on current affairs. ​ —read more of our work at — 0
Steffen D. S. Schmidt A publication dedicated to the disseminating of ideas concerning philosophy and politics. 0
The Lobbyist A publication focused on developing businesses. 0
The Nu Deal The Nu Deal is a political blog and podcast focused on progressive ideas and compassionate politics. 0
Far From Professional A Medium publication created to keep its writers sane and its readers entertained. 0
The Third Rail Sex, politics, race, religion, you name it, we touch it 0
The Liberal Circle An inviting home for free thought; philosophy, politics, personal essays and poetry. No magical “self-help”, “How To Become Successful on Medium” or “How to Write Better.” No constraints. No pampering. No strict publication rules or agenda. Just Discourse & High quality Writing. 0
The 11:30 Report In-depth news and political reports from Australia to the world. 0