Publications tagged `POLITICS`
Name Followers
Political Engagement Political commentary in support of a sane and progressive vision for America and to encourage effective mobilization for political and social change. 8
NeoMugwump A Center-Right, Neoliberal Publication for the Politically Homeless. 8
Strawm*n Strawm*n is an opinion magazine based on the idea of transparency. We should debate the issues, not the motives of people writing them. With this in mind, our writers are clear and unapologetic about their ideological commitments, as well as their critiques of others’. 7
Reem Sabha Thoughts on politics, culture, and more. 7
The New Social Contract Because we need to rethink our society 7
The Nerdy Virginias Magazine Think pretty, think nerdy : the experimental magazine now on Medium! 7
#Truth2020 Publication all about the #Truth2020 movement 7
The Seer Stone Mormon culture & anthropology 7
The Historyist Historical Journalism For A Modern Audience 7
The Liberal Standard Viewing the world of politics and culture through a Classical Liberal outlook. 7
letsnotbetrash A site for multidimensional men 7
Birds With Teeth Media Birds With Teeth is a collective of 4 friends who are interested in thoughtful writing about the liberal arts. 7
Intelligence Challenged When did being a moron become such a point of pride? 7
jaredkalt. thoughts on public policy, the media, and society. 7
#resist! First they came for the Muslims, and we said “not this time, motherf — -ers” 7