Publications tagged `POLITICS`
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Seven to One An economic, foreign affairs and global interest publication for readers and writers who look beyond the recycled news and learn from each other. 3
Political Engineering Engineers like to fix things. Why not politics? 3
A Rough Cut Not Trying to be a Meme 2
Who is Generation Z? Stay up to date on the latest on Generation Z and politics, the economy, jobs, education, technology, health, and relationships. 2
The Axe To The Root Ten Essays on The Question “Is the nation-state in the 21st century fit for purpose?” 2
Sports Fans Against the Alt-Right Where a love for sport meets believing that American democracy has been safer before. 2
Show Me The Data Optimistic data science for politics and public policy 2
Missed Points You’re missing the point. Let me explain… 2
Nullius in verba Nullius in verba (Latin for “on the word of no one” or “take nobody’s word for it”) is the motto of the Royal Society. 2
theworker Tribune Your #1 source of all-sided news. Conservative? Yes. Liberal? Yup. 2
the Utopia Lector a locked treatment facility for adolecent boys 2
Dweeb Ideas Big ideas, personal stories, and fun by dweebs for dweebs. 2
Achilles Shield: Redefining Masculinity in the MeToo Era Random Musings from the bleeding edge of Post-Feminism 1
Ways and Means Musing from the intersection of politics, policy, and the economy 1
Politica Millennia Dedicated to creating a more perfect union, Politica Millennia brings thoughtful essays and opinions on real issues right to your fingertips. 1