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11.47 Named after an intimate gig night at Worcester’s very own cellar bar. A centrally grounded, Libertarian Publication. Offering honest reviews for honest, quality music, A creative writing platform, Political opinion and commentary on Housing, Real Estate and The Markets. 0
Thoughts, Politics & Beliefs The Medium For Informed Discussion 0
Brands Mean a Lot Brands of all sorts, for people of all sorts 0
Universal Principles Home for those interested in exploring solutions 0
AlmostBuddha This publication is created with a sole intention to share unaltered knowledge on subjects such as cosmos, politics as well as social issues and its solutions 0
Reclaiming Rural Reclaiming Rural is a project of Down Home North Carolina. We are reclaiming what it means to live in and be from the rural South. 0
Gaspar Post Welcome to the Gaspar Post on Medium a publication focused on delivering local, state and national news to youth. 0
CAMELOT’S END Two men you’d written off. A story you thought you knew. Paperback out Jan 2020. 0
Polite Company We are a magazine the focuses on politics and religion and how that affects our lives. 0
All Things Discover new thoughts in tech, culture, feminism, politics, and more. 0
XS News XS News is an initiative started by Marco Andono Sie, Alexander Brown, and Kai-Ryn Tan. The initiative aims to enhance the media literacy of young people worldwide by condensing news on current affairs. ​ —read more of our work at — 0
Steffen D. S. Schmidt A publication dedicated to the disseminating of ideas concerning philosophy and politics. 0
The Lobbyist A publication focused on developing businesses. 0
Dismantle — Locate Taking apart ideas, events and philosophies to better understand how everything fits together. 0
Funboat Diplomacy Stories and perspectives from around the world about the diverse histories, people, cultures, and interactions from the individual to the global 0