Publications tagged `POLITICS`
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theworker Tribune Your #1 source of all-sided news. Conservative? Yes. Liberal? Yup. 2
Nullius in verba Nullius in verba (Latin for “on the word of no one” or “take nobody’s word for it”) is the motto of the Royal Society. 2
the Utopia Lector a locked treatment facility for adolecent boys 2
Thus Spoke Being An intellectual exercise in aesthetics, philosophy, psychology and politics between a group of friends. 2
The Conservatarian Pragmatist Anti-authoritarian Perspectives 2
Politicality Politics with a healthy dose of practicality and commen sense rationality. 2
The U.S. Democratic Primaries Election Compass The Election Compass is a “Voting Advice Application”, a popularized academic tool comparing citizens’ opinions to their political candidates’ positions on the most prominent and contentious issues in the campaign. Try it yourself at! 2
Reframe Your Inbox Adam M. Lowenstein is the author of “Reframe the Day: Embracing the Craft of Life, One Day at a Time” (2020). In his email newsletter, Reframe Your Inbox, Adam shares meandering thoughts on books, politics, productivity, writing, work, & life. Get in touch at 2
Stadelman Exploring the human condition through political, cultural and economic lenses. 2
Undivided Planet Working to bring people, policy, and industry together to create a sustainable future. 2
Inspired Words When you follow the teachings of Jesus, life becomes better. Inspired Words aims to keep his teachings relevant by applying them to current situations that impact the lives of women. 2
Feminist Inquiry The overall goal of Feminist Inquiry is to make the intersectional feminist lifestyle accessible and straight-forward. No fluff, no bull. Just sharing stories on contemporary issues as well as tips on how to navigate the financial and political realms. 2
In the Ruins of Babel Led by Colin Brant (a random grad student in London) this publication is dedicated to bringing the stories and theories around language policy and planning to a wide audience. 2
Súnthesis Philosophy, art & literature. 2
Thoughts We Have Thoughts within our brain, sometimes it must go out. This is the place to give your thoughts space. Quora space: 2