Publications tagged `POLITICS`
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Viewpoint Opinion and insight into anything and everything. A perpetual motion towards complete understanding — seeking to overcome the blissful ignorance that impedes us. 3
Missed Points You’re missing the point. Let me explain… 3
Area 84 Politics & Race 3
Blue Reine Magazine The Magazine Dedicated to Voter Engagement & Empowering Candidates 3
DavidoffKilter The website and blog of Doug Davidoff 3
mulletocracy Gonzo-journo-inspired, irreverent rantings from the hairy part of society’s underbelly 3
Bluejay Letters Discussing pressing issues, a letter at a time. 3
Share The Wealth Every Day E.Learning. Share The Wealth (STW) is focused on peeling back the curtain to reveal how our world works. As the saying goes — “You don’t know what you don’t know.” There is plenty of powerful knowledge waiting to be discovered. Follow STW to see! 3
Real Talk with Ryan Sick of postmodernist philosophy, holier-than-thou politics, and bogus personal development? You’ve arrived at the right place. 3
Rejecting Reality Challenging our political, economic, and social realities. Humans made this world: let’s make a better one. 3
Today’s Top Political Stories The goal of this publication is to provide a quick guide to what’s going on (almost) every weekday — with links to more information. I’ll sporadically add a line or two of commentary/context and perhaps an opinion piece. 3
Who is Generation Z? Stay up to date on the latest on Generation Z and politics, the economy, jobs, education, technology, health, and relationships. 2
The Axe To The Root Ten Essays on The Question “Is the nation-state in the 21st century fit for purpose?” 2
Sports Fans Against the Alt-Right Where a love for sport meets believing that American democracy has been safer before. 2
Show Me The Data Optimistic data science for politics and public policy 2