Publications tagged `POLITICS`
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La Fenêtre Magazine La Fenêtre- translated into “the window” is a cutting edge culture magazine, with the aim of bridging perspectives and boldly shining a light on social impact issues, fashion, and lifestyle in the modern world. 1
We the People Project By deconstructing democracy, we the people are able to better understand our current political climate and start a much needed conversation on democracy in America. 1
The Alt Perspective The Alt Perspective aims to become the pulse of a collection of current and future alternative perspectives that can surround any real world possibility. Especially if they aren’t exactly mainstream. Let’s explore perspectives, with dimension — The Alt Perspective. 1
Moneyball-Pundit Moneyball-Pundit strives to provide thoughtful perspective on political & policy news through the lens of modern quantitative and qualitative social science research. 1
The Political Abyss Your one-stop-shop for all things politics. Blogs, lessons, podcasts and more, all available in The Abyss. 1
Humaneer Humaneer is a publication based on human accomplishments, human society, politics & suffering. 1
Himilo Afrika Small blog by Mandeq Jama focused on African politics and policy 0
Global Society, Politics & Law Analysing Cross-Cultural Experiences 0
The Green Report exclusive reports on the policies, proposals and politicians shaping in the U.S. response to climate change 0
Reform School For the smart kids that sat in the back of the bus. 0
Pinellas County Young Democrats The Pinellas County Young Democrats are a chapter of the Florida Young Democrats. The Pinellas Young Dems is committed to cultivating the next generation of Democrat leaders, in Pinellas County. 0
Think Clearly Politics, Culture, and Everything In Between 0
Living in Lonely Times Elias Isquith on politics, art, history, whatever 0
P2: People & Policy People & Policy, “P2”, is a blog with two goals: to tell the stories of unique individuals & explore the public policies under which they live. 0
Mindset List A private gig and a cerebral dancefloor 0