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Adam Warski

Scala software engineer, Functional Programming enthusiast, SoftwareMill co-founder


We specialize in: Big Data & Machine Learning | Scala & Akka | Backend Development | Distributed Systems. We organize @scalarconf and send @scalatimes!

Łukasz Żuchowski

Blockchain enthusiast, Ethereum believer, Software Engineer that solves problems mainly with Java, Scala and JavaScript, Consultant

Piotr Buda

Enthusiastic software developer. #Java #Scala #Javascript and others.

Krzysztof Ciesielski

Software Engineer at SoftwareMill, conference speaker, Scala developer and reactive systems enthusiast.

Jaroslaw Kijanowski

Java consultant having experience with the Kafka ecosystem, Cassandra as well as GCP and AWS cloud providers.

Marcin Baraniecki

web dev @ SoftwareMill. Electric Vehicles enthusiast. Loves all types of night photography, including astrophotography.

Andrzej Ludwikowski

Software Journeyman (Java, Scala), Consultant, Speaker & Trainer | Certified Reactive Architect, Certified Cassandra Architect, Certified Kafka Developer

Tomasz Szymański

CEO & SoftwareMill, Scala/Java developer, Community Member

Maria Wachal

Marketing Geek 🚀 @SoftwareMill

Michał Matłoka

IT Dev (Scala), Consultant, Speaker & Trainer | #ApacheKafka #KafkaStreams #ApacheCassandra #Lightbend Certified | Open Source Contributor | @mmatloka

Lukasz Lenart

OSS enthusiast, ASF committer, Apache Struts lead, developer, husband and father and biker :-)

Grzegorz Kocur

DevOps @ Softwaremill

Ola Puchta-Górska

• Marketing Manager at SoftwareMill • Growbots , Estimote and Webmuses alumna

Kamil Charłampowicz

Software developer with experience in Java and Scala programming language, he is also a big fan of clean code, functional programming and TDD

Kaja Polachowska

Content creator, translator, AI enthusiast

Latest Posts

Redelivery with RabbitMQ

When you are developing a service that needs to communicate with other services, you should consider implementing a proper retry mechanism.

Actor Model and Event Sourcing

Optimistic locking is not the only way achieve strong consistency in your application. Especially, if you want to try Event Sourcing.

Better neurobiological research with AI

How to do instance segmentation of star-shaped astrocytes in 3D with already-known computer vision techniques?

Context is King

Context functions are one of the new contextual abstractions coming in Scala 3. What are they and what are the use-cases?

Hands-on Laminar

Laminar is a scala library, developed by Nikita Gazarov, which mixes reactive programming and declarative views.

Figuring out Scala functional programming libraries

Making sense of Scala FP libraries

Shelly: under the hood

Shelly — a programming language for drawing — is one of our side-projects, which we work on in-between other engagements.

React Developer’s Guide To Vue 3.0

During Frontend Talks at SoftwareMill, we discuss trends, tools, and frameworks in the UI development world. Recently, we had Vue in scope.


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