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Raul Peña Alonso

iOS developer established in 2012

Albert Valiente

Active Listener | Continuous Learner | Agile Activist | QA Strategist

Víctor Pérez Berruezo

Easy | Enjoy finding solutions · Tecnopolítica · Dades Obertes · Python

Marc Oliveras Xiol

Papi, Músico y CTO Agile. Apasionado de las personas, la tecnología, de la música y el rock en especial. Blogger at http://notwastedtime.com

Alejandra PM

Product Owner: Head&Heart Mix

Francisco Alejandro Jurado Pérez

I am an electronic engineer getting shit done in a cool way.

Daniel Solá

Biomedical Engineer & Software Developer

Latest Posts

Suffering Jira? Creating tickets through its REST API

A brief history of how we kept our Product Owner’s sanity by automating Jira issue creation through its API

Fuzzy coordinates matching: An efficient approach

Geolocalization plays an important role in most companies today. Some of them wouldn’t even make sense without this feature. Generalised…

Setup Jupyter Notebook workspace with Tensorflow & Keras on Windows

We will setup a workspace to play with Tensorflow and Keras using python Virtualenv and Nuget to manage version dependencies.

iOS: Repository pattern in Swift

A design pattern to abstract data sources from your application

Stage-2 decorators 101

New decorators proposal finally arrives within Babel 7.1.0 release 🍾️. Decorators are currently at Stage 2 in TC39’s process, indicating…

iOS: RxSwift + clean architecture

How RxSwift eases the communication between layers in clean architecture

iOS: Dependency injection in Swift

Make the code more testable reducing the coupling

Android: Refreshing token proactively with OkHttp Interceptors

The purpose of this post is to explain how we handle the authentication flow in our authentication SDK. The next post will cover how to…

Automatize presentation reports using Google Slides API

Usually (and increasingly) in the last years, most of the companies who offer services to 3rd ones, usually need to “show them the…

How to debug iOS Extension

In mobile department we are updating our notifications and we have found some problems when we wanted to debug our code in extension when…


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