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Raul Peña Alonso

iOS developer established 2012

Albert Valiente

Active Listener | Insatiable Learner | Agile & Leadership Enthusiast | QA Specialist

Víctor Pérez Berruezo

Mobile APPs Product Owner

Marc Oliveras Xiol

Papi, Músico y CTO Agile. Apasionado de las personas, la tecnología, de la música y el rock en especial. Blogger at http://notwastedtime.com

Alejandra PM

Product Owner: Head&Heart Mix

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As a Product Owner and Business Analyst, every day we receive requests from different parties. Most of the time, the petitioner really…

Dealing with virtualenv in python3

Sometimes when programming in python we have version incompatibilities between projects. In order to avoid that, we can build different…


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