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Towards Data Science Your home for data science. A Medium publication sharing concepts, ideas and codes. 584,431
Festival Peak words about experiencing music. 27,944
The Riff A new publication on music and how it’s impacting our lives ❤ Write for us: 1,197
Songstories The songs we listen to change us. They shape how we feel and what we do. Let’s share stories of how songs shape our world. Let’s share the experience. 212
Modern Music Analysis Here we deeply analyze the meaning of individual songs, albums, and even artists. We specialize in music in the 21st century. Follow to join our community! 137
Far From Professional Far From Professional is the digital crossroad where our love of entertainment media and the pursuit of a stellar buzz intersect with the written word. Visit us during your bathroom breaks, smoke breaks, sleepless nights, or just for the hell of it. 4