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Politics, Policy, Economics, & Data

Vinod Bakthavachalam

I am interested in politics, economics, & policy. I work as a data scientist and am passionate about using technology to solve structural economic problems.

Latest Posts

2020 Will Define the Republican Party

On the surface the 2020 election seems critically important for Democrats as they look to uninstall a historically unpopular president…

Why does America need immigration?

One Answer: It is in our self interest

Globalization is not the Enemy: The Real Lesson From Trade with China

Among the Democratic candidates in the 2020 election, some, like Warren and Sanders, have carved out a position counter to the traditional…

Voting Trends and What it Means for the 2020 Election

When thinking about who will win the 2020 election, there are several stylized facts about voting behavior that can help us understand how…

The Electoral College is a Bug in Our Democracy

The 1986 World Series was a close contest between the New York Mets and the Boston Red Sox that, unfortunate for Boston fans like myself…

The Electoral College is a National Security Problem

The election in 2016 saw incredibly close margins in some states with margins of less than one percent. Given the relatively small…

Why a National $15 Minimum Wage is Bad Policy

But a higher minimum wage adjusted for cost of living is not

Economic Opportunity Will Be Born Locally

The American Dream is harder to find in some neighborhoods. That line is truer today than it has been in the past as economic mobility in…

The Undervalued Importance of Luck

A core difference between liberals and conservatives is on whether success is partially or entirely driven by a person’s ability. Answers…


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