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Lars Boering

Photopreneur, advisor specialized in photography, teacher and consultant. Managing Director at World Press Photo Foundation.

David Campbell

Writer, professor, producer. Visual journalism and the changing media economy. Director of Programs and Outreach, World Press Photo Foundation.

Jennifer Henderson

Managing Editor, Witness, World Press Photo Foundation. Share your stories with us by emailing jennifer@worldpressphoto.org.

Juliette Garms

Programs and Outreach Coordinator, World Press Photo Foundation

Josephine Higgins

Communications and Projects Manager, World Press Photo Foundation

Latest Posts

Ziyah Gafic’s Quest for Identity

Building a visual record of the items left behind by those killed in the Bosnian War

Four to Follow #14

Sharing stories from across the African continent by the talented members of the African Photojournalism Database (APJD).

Depth of Field: The Journey of a Bra

A Roundup of China’s Best Photojournalism

Centralia by Poulomi Basu

Dazzled by an apocalyptic beauty; by eclipse and fire; by joy, dread and dream; by life and death.

Emotional Pictures: Sad Faces, Fake Smiles and Angry Photographers

How do you tell a visual story that has some shape and moves above the merely illustrative?

Foto Féminas presents: Rueda Photos collective

A selection from Latin American and Caribbean online platform Foto Féminas, curated by Verónica Sanchis Bencomo

Where the Wind Carries Bullets

“They call us smugglers! They say what we are doing is wrong. Well, we know it. We have to do it… we have no work in this cold hell.”

A Guide to Landscape, Power and Climate Change

When I was in primary school my favourite subject was geography. I knew the countries of the world, their capitals, their rivers and their…

Safety training: Where are the editors?

Even if we managed to train every journalist, we won’t get as far as we need to if we fail to bring their editors into the picture.

Wild Poppy

The first time I met Poppy, a 20-year-old art student, she showed me a diary filled with love letters that she had written to her ex…


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