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Kartikeya Gupta Sophomore IIT Kanpur | Open Source Enthusiast | Sport Programmer 0
P Cubed P Cubed delivers ideas, insights and success stories for social entrepreneurs who want to accelerate and amplify their impact. 0
Dobe Art Dobe Art is a publication themed on artistic creativity. Included is a potpourri of art articles, visual art, and sometimes poetry for the lover and creator of art. Included are essays on social media, creativity, artistic productivity, and storytelling. 0
Prone A lifestyle publication for those that will inadvertently become strippers, along with those poor souls that will inevitably have to clean a grown man’s shit from their kitchen floor. Hey, it could happen to you. 0
CAMELOT’S END Two men you’d written off. A story you thought you knew. Paperback out Jan 2020. 0
SMB Lite This publication is focused on providing tips and advice to small and medium sized businesses for technology, marketing, and more. 0
Digital Detritus: An Open Sketchbook A graduate student with a background in writing takes an ideation and prototyping course at NYU Tandon. This is what happens. 0
EnthusiasTech >> Product Reviews; Guides and opinions on various topics, i.e. commercial and open source products, languages, frameworks and other tools.. 0
Applied Network Analysis Network analysis is becoming a standard tool across many disciplines in science. This publication explores data wrangling, mangling, analysis, and visualization with the purpose of understanding the structure and connectivity of the systems explored 0
Machine Learning and Lightnings If you’ve ever wondered how to use machine learning on phenomena this is brief application involving electrical discharges from cloud to ground, using Artificial Neural Network (Multilayer Perceptron) for multiple classification. 0
LeetCode November Challenge Follow my 30 day journey in an attempt to solve, and explain, all 30 problems given in the LeetCode November Challenge. My aim is to maximise understanding and readability, rather than efficiency. However, speed is still key. 0
Naive Bayes we will try to explore how actually naive Bayes algorithm works and classification happens 0
A Pinch of Nuance Dedicated to poking in between the lines of the mainstream media. 0
HackMobile The top publication for mobile hackers and devs. 0
BoundlessInfo Thought on machine learning, Data Sciences, AI, and Soft Engineering. Tutorial, Tech, etc 0