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Diamond Hand Investing Forever hold. Investing for life. 0
RiverRhythms Profiles and Depictions of all things music. 0
Mocho’s thoughts Mocho’s thoughts is where I share my brief or essay-lenght thoughts on games or random topics 0
The Icing On The Marketing Cake A publication about marketing at the interface of people, markets and media. 0
Looking Both Ways Two sisters with two perspectives, attempting to reassure you that there is no right way of doing life! 0
Camilla Capasso Ideas, tips, and field notes from the world of non-profit communication 0
Friends of Ours An independent strategy and design studio. We aim to be an exemplary launchpad of responsible, for-profit, positive impact-driven companies. To raise the standard in design, in creating genuine connections and producing meaningful content 0
Short Stories by Chris Just a few short and simple stories I sometimes find the time and inspiration to write. 0
Eating and Drinking Around the World This is not a food blog. Yes, there are recipes within, but the focus is more on placing different aspects of international cuisine into their historical context, exploring how they developed and how significant they are to a countries identity. 0
Transition Design x Team Holarchy Isolation of Elderly People in Pittsburgh || Esther Kang, Isabel Ngan, Will Rutter, Yu Jiang 0
The Vector Curated articles related to Tech, Productivity, Personal Growth 0
The Psychedelic Society The Psychedelic Society is a not-for-profit organisation that exists to create a culture of deep connection to self, each other, the natural world and the mystery of existence. 0
Food Friendly A friendly, laid-back place for food lovers to share thoughts, photos and tales of their cooking, dining out, favorite dishes and overspending (like me) on food. Food snobs not welcome. 0
Node Gem Discussing Node.js Internals, V8 and libuv 0
BAMBZI ELLIS THE PEN Writer. Creative. A Girl Who Loves a Good Story. Follow my publication to keep up with my writing journey! 0