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Roadrunner Robert Advice, Adventures, and more about running. Follow me on Strava: 0
The Absurd Athletic Exemplary sports journalism, by exemplary young men. 0
Out of the Water The Epic of Moses — A Satire in Blank Verse 0
portfoliogamesjournalism A look at my writing about video games. 0
Biotechly While many believe that healthcare is an imperative factor of our generations to come, not many of us stop to think that there is no medical future without technology. Biotech-ly is meant to educate our youth on how medicine is constantly changing, and we must change with it 0
Young Spurs The Young Spurs, a partnership between University of North Texas’ Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference has teamed up with the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum and Biographers International, is a writing contest aims to offer high school and community college writers 0
The Culture Den A one-stop-shop for everything Film, Tv, Art, and current affairs. 0
Socratic Vision Another stand point, another sight into the Univers 0
Lounge Flowers ATTN: The caterpillars have pupated. 0
Writer in the Works Posts documenting my journey to becoming a fulltime writer. Earnings, strategies, wins, and fails all included. 0
Axiomo Gender, Sex and Ethics. 0
Eclectic Vision New ways of seeing the world. Stories that cut across domains and surprise us. 0
The Dustbin A dustbin of medium where the stuffs that does not go anywhere is collected. Fun stuffs to read. 0
Mike O’Sullivan Design professional with extensive experience in digital design. Primarily concerned with solving customer problems by way of evidence-based, user-centered design. 0
ay.technologies The most expedient approach today to any business organization is having an online presence that promises to promote the business brand. 0