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Kyle Lindblooom BCA332 Psychology and social media. Blog for BCA 332 0
Nonsense, or not? Random thoughts regurgitated from the depths of a much used, useless, warped mind. 0
Wild Onions An outlet for an aspiring nature and personal story writer 0
Hello, Hayley Walker Learning, growing, and probably calling your bluff. Sharing my thoughts with the world one story at a time, because sharing is caring. 0
Mothercare A safe place for mums and parents where to discuss hot topics such as sex, nourishment, lack of time, energy, while sharing heartfelt experiences 0
Notes from Palessa Stories, Thoughts and Musings from AuthorPalessa 0
Celeb:60 The latest in celebrity news! 0
The Storyteller A collection of poems and short stories for the deep thinker 0
The 35th & Shields Podcast A Chicago White Sox Podcast 0
Why Business is More than Just Seeking Profits Engaging with like-minded individuals is essential in defining what that the true meaning of success is in business. Passion and purpose are two aspects of social entrepreneurship that will push enterprises to accomplish mission-driven success. 0
Rain Capital Rain Capital is Cybersecurity venture fund based in the San Francisco bay area. A women-led and -managed fund, Rain invests in disruptive companies that push the boundaries of cybersecurity. 0
Life Mania Life Mania is a hub for the Survivors and the Dreamers, the ones who nest in their mind. Everything about being alive and living, inside and outside you, served to you in your own lounge of Livers. 0
MIZUSHOBAI 101 My life as a Japanese hostess 0
BBR Atlanta Reporting ATL in style 0