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Hostwriter Insights from the front lines of cross-border journalism delivered by the Hostwriter team. 57
Federman Capital Federman Capital is an investment firm focused on blockchain technology and crypto assets. Our fund is led by Tomer Federman, a Stanford MBA alum who previously drove product strategy & global growth of major ad products at Facebook. Website: 57
Abelian The Abelian project will turn the page on the evolution of cryptocurrencies through the first quantum-resistant, privacy-enabled cryptocurrency, the Abelian coin (ABE). 57
VMware User Experience Here, we explore the continually evolving discipline of user experience (UX) across a myriad of topics, from design and methodology to user research and new trends. 57
Redesigning Iran Fixing Iran’s design problem, one iconic brand at a time 57
Cieden Design Digital Product Design Agency 57
The Department of Feminist Conversations The Department of Feminist Conversations is an intervention into contemporary criticality that seeks to broaden conversations about life and art through the perspective of contemporary feminisms. You can read our Letters to the Future at 57
Intrepid writing Bravely writing and doodling ahead 57
Cities for People - Des villes pour tous Collaborative experiments in inclusive urban innovation 57
Hit Bull Win Blog MLBlog 57
Evan Kirkiles Blog Quant finance and algo trading in C++ and Python. 57
Parallel: TashInTheClouds Poetry on select themes from different perspectives, left of centre. 57
Innovate4Health A joint project of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) and Geneva Network to tell the exciting story of how innovation in Latin America is making the world healthier. 57
Developer Ecosystem Strategies and tools to build, grow and participate in developer ecosystems 57
Digital Equity Writing from ISTE’s Digital Equity Personal Learning Network 57