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East of 72nd If Omaha World Herald and Buzzfeed made a baby. 2
A Joy Full Life The unfolding of a millennial woman on a journey to design a fulfilling life. 2
Alex Poulin History buff. Finance buff. Politically Savvy. Trying to inspire others to learn more through my work 2
IXNAY PAC Working to get Donald Trump and his allies out of American politics. 2
John O’Conner John’s Big Book of Unsolicited Commentary 2
TrendKite Dev TrendKite Dev is dedicated to moving the web forward and automating PR 2
halobureau Think Halo is our think thank to discuss and to present ideas from researches and studies realized here at the Halo Ethnographic Bureau. 2
The Business Anthology This blog summarises a range of business books so you don’t necessarily have to. Clearly there’s no substitute for reading these yourself, digging into the context and wrestling with the principles. But you probably don’t have time. 2
Two’s Complement Code + Design of the Internet. 2
Delight Stories Adventure and romance in short stories, poetry, and cartoon 2
Bootstart This will go. 2
Hatimeria Premium eCommerce software house, eCommerce PWA pioneers, Magento, Akeneo, Symfony, React, Vue, Angular 2
Low-Carb Food of the Gods Recipes, tips and tricks on how to cook well, without all the carbs 2
Josef Josef automates legal services, and makes legal help affordable, easy-to-use and accessible. 2
Grow360 Online leadership development solutions for effective team performance 2