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Obvious Capital Blog Obvious Capital is a crypto portfolio management company with a quantamental approach for high net worth individuals and Institutions. 23
Studio 24 Articles on digital technology from agency Studio 24 23
What Simon’s Seen Verdicts on the latest film and TV releases every week from blogger and journalist Simon Cocks. Find out what’s worth watching and what you can skip with my reviews of the latest in entertainment, whether it’s something at the cinema or on the small screen at home. 23
QCP RESEARCH Digital Asset Trading 23
GutAI Simple disease management tools for Crohn's disease patients ( 23
Blue Bear Digital Inc. Thoughts on Software Architecture, Business, and Blockchain 23
vespa On computing over big data in real time using 23
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to next:land next:land is an emerging continent of new ways of working, leading and organizing. This Hitchhiker’s Guide is a travel logbook capturing insights that dwarfs and Giants experienced working in organizational practice. Let’s get inspired in how to shape your organization! 23
Traackr Dev Blog We are a tight-knit group of individuals who genuinely get excited about Mondays. We pick the right tools for the job and as such, we are polyglots: Java, PHP, Python, Scala and Javascript/Node are in our tool belts. 23
Wiser Tech All things technology, engineering, and development from the brains behind the retail data provider Wiser Solutions. 23
Notes from the Lighthouse NGO providing emergency relief to refugees in Lesvos and long-term support in Ritsona refugee camp in central Greece. 22
Klug.Chat Klüg Wizeline’s conversational UI business. It’s differentiated by a secure multi-tenant platform that brings bots rapidly to market and makes them efficient to maintain. Klüg means wise or shrewd in German. Learn more at 22
SustainUS We are U.S. youth demanding a world free from systemic injustice. We refuse to allow established leaders sell us incremental change as the solution to global crises. 22
Overfitted Microservices Developing production ready machine learning models 22
Negligible Collection of negligible things that make me happy from time to time. Mainly an excuse to write more often though. I also like how the sound of the word “negligible”. 22