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Establish Home of the dreamers. 140
Reach Product Development The product development and engineering teams behind Reach plc's award-winning news websites and digital products 140
Writer’s Blog A publication dedicated to fighting writer’s block and enabling writers. 140
Moonshot Space is symbolic of the infinite opportunities available to us beyond the confines of our Pale Blue Dot. We’re Accelerating Humanity by helping great ideas, teams, and tech get from Earth to the Moon and beyond. 140
Uploadcare Engineering blog File system as a service for web and mobile apps 140
Skyrise Our selected toughts about technology, business, innovation and more. Information about us on Any questions or ideas — say ;) 140
Peerigon We build cutting-edge software based on open web standards. 140
Just Transitions Just Transition(s) to a Low-Carbon World 140
Huia Huia is a Tech Studio. We explore all creative possibilities of an idea using technology. Testing, prototyping, throwing away some ideas and discovering new ones. 140
InfancyIT InfancyIT is a software company providing consulting and software solution services. We help our clients to grow their respective businesses by automating their daily tasks. 140
Sakya’s Research Blog This blog reports latest technologies and stories in artificial intelligence and machine learning. We cover a wide technology space from neuro-computing, robotics, IoT to AI in finance and Healthcare. Edited by: Dr. Sakyasingha Dasgupta 139
RadicalxChange A community publication bringing together activists, artists, entrepreneurs, and scholars working to inspire radical social change through decentralization and expanding markets. 139
Maxime Heckel Software engineer and space enthusiast. Currently working for @docker. 139
MiQ Tech and Analytics MiQ Tech and Analytics Blog 139
Digital Social Contract We need to build a new social contract for the digital age. Let's start. 139