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The Hamato Yogi Chronichels A Personal Blog By Yoav Ganbar 67
Your Voice Counts A publication for amateur writers where your views and opinions on anything can be heard. 67
Humanity Sparks A publication with research into venture strategy and venture capital investment, and into the interconnection between the future of humanity and technological advancement. Always on the lookout for technological, cultural and business trends that underline new opportunities. 67
Parent Gauge™ Measuring family engagement through parents’ own words 67
Interstellar Flight Magazine Interstellar Flight Press is a new speculative publishing house. We publish essays on science fiction and fantasy, pop culture, and geek fandom. 67
The Nassau Literary Review The second oldest undergraduate literary magazine in the nation and the oldest student publication at Princeton University. 67
Womentorship Womentorship is a virtual mentor. Articles for those who hustle. No matter where you’re from or who you are, Womentorship is here for you. Find our original articles here. Inspirational imagery at 67
Momenton Momenton 66
bitgrit Data Science Publication We publish only high-quality data science-related topics. Become a writer by contacting @joey_joez on our Telegram group: 66
SnapOut Get fresh eyes and a new perspectives. Snap Out is a user and market research consultancy specialising in emerging tech, product development, brand perceptions and grant funding. 66
Damian Radcliffe Research, analysis, teaching materials and journalistic output by the Carolyn S. Chambers Professor of Journalism at the University of Oregon 66
Andthen Journal Reflections on a future-focussed design practice. 66
Captain of Destiny You are in control of your destiny 66
Big Hairy Goals Screw dreams. Set Big Hairy Goals that scare you. We’ll serve up the practical systems and processes for you to follow. 66
Gilded Crypto Accounting Made Simple 66