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Autonomous Tenants Union Featuring stories related to the fight against displacement and for radical housing justice 157
DataX Journal This is the publication of the Data Science Community, a data science-based student-led innovation community at SRM IST. Here we publish blogs based on Data Analytics, Machine Learning, web and app development, current affairs in technology and more based on experience and work 157
HardwareAndro It’s a software social hubs. We will create content: development lifecycle and DevOps feature and test engineering. 157
The Benchmark A publication by The Center for Growth and Opportunity at Utah State University 157
Grensesnittet Grensesnittet (DK: Grænseflade, EN: interface) er stedet for faglig kommunikasjon mellom ansatte i Computas og andre i bransjen. Mulighetene i teknologi er utallige og vi vet at vi kan bruke vår kunnskap til å gjøre en forskjell i folks liv. 156
Dev Jam DevJam is a community that aims to enable software professionals to explore new technologies and to stay on top of every thing development. 156
Song of the Lark poetry, lyrics, self-discovery, personal essays, & musings by Lark Morrigan (est. July 16, 2019) 156
CitizenSource News and analysis, by and for citizens — not the mainstream media. 156
TechShots Lets together build a strong community for programmers 156
Data as a better idea Learning about Data Science,Statistics,Mathematics, etc 156
Acta Schola Automata Polonica Scientific blog about artificial intelligence and machine learning 156
Breakdowns Breakdowns is a place for perspectives and ideas surrounding the technology markets and opportunity areas. If you are an investor and would like to work together, please reach out to aashaysanghvi[at] to discuss. 156 Our community publishes stories worth reading on latest technology trends and learnings. Join in! 156
MinistryMatters MinistryMatters is a space for Canadian Anglicans to share stories on the ongoing work of the Anglican Church of Canada, its life, ministry and mission. 156
Bitcoin Bytes Community Blog of The Bitcoin Assocation of Hong Kong 156