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Senator Sheldon Whitehouse U.S. Senator from #RhodeIsland, the Ocean State. 85
Ain’t Yo’ Mama’s Tea Party! A place for strong women to unite. No judgements here. LIke the show, “Cheers”, it’s a place where everybody knows your name, and you’re always glad you came! We welcome strong women who own their bitchiness and won’t apologize for it. Also men who stand behind us. 85
HashiCorp Design Design for Devops 85
ROYAL REPORT Hyperlocal news about Bethel (Minn.) University by journalism students. To contact editors, email or Tweet to @Royal_Report. 84
Block to Basics The Blockchain Security Digest 84
Steven’s Blog Tutorials and random thoughts about programming and online marketing 84
Dice Insights We report on tech job trends, new technologies, and much more. 84
The Human Core About your authentic self and its questions. 84
Swap Language We write about breaking down cultural and language barriers between people. 84
Tradeshift Engineering An inside look into the world of software engineering across Tradeshift's 15 offices globally 84
Mama Hope An advocate for global communities. 84
The Mind Monster Project Exploring the human condition through words and pictures. We need to know our monsters in order to know they’re made of fiction. Submissions welcome: // 84
helixcentre Helix Centre is an innovation lab working at the heart of healthcare. We translate research into products that improve health outcomes. We are part of Imperial College London and the Royal College of Art, and based in St Mary's Hospital, London. 84
IOCSCAN Our goal is to educate and provide descriptions for common web attacks and security measures. The more we understand about the web, the better we can secure it. 84
Data Science with REPODS Tutorials & examples on a practical data science approach with the cloud data warehouse REPODS 84