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Mr. DevOps Opinions on DevOps, Continuous Delivery and Lean practices in Software Development 75
Block to Basics The Blockchain Security Digest 75
Location Leverage Thoughts on location data + geospatial intelligence 75
Submission Grappling Anything related to grappling competitions, strangles, joint locks, take downs, or positional control. Vale Tudo, MMA, and 無差別格闘 75
Thoughts on World Heritage Essays on World Heritage 75
The Sandor Report Crypto fundamental analysis and blockchain tech 75
A Life of Words Making life (and a living) out of our words. 75
Live Long and Prospurr Breaking mews from your favourite sourpuss. 75
The Lavender Project Blue + Red = Purple? Your Blue Team should be Purple all along! Defending your network with an adversary mindset 75
CARDIGAN STREET Professional Writing and Editing 75
Doctors in Tech Technology is changing the face of healthcare. In this publication we discuss the latest healthcare technologies, as well as bringing you coding tutorials that you can use to innovate and research today. 75
Stories Publi Creative writing, fiction, poetry and non-fiction publication. We believe that everyone has a story to tell! 75
AniGay For all your queer anime archaeology needs. 75
World Ocean Forum Fresh ideas, new solutions, serious, provocative, and imaginative conversations about the future of the ocean. An active forum of unexpected ideas, opinion, ideas, proposals for change in ocean policy and action worldwide. 75
ARYZE Official Developing Digital Cash and next-generation digital payment solutions. 75