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Nutrition Updates Medium’s One-Stop Nutrition News From Academia And Industry. 31
Axon Technologies • Your Cybersecurity Partner • Protecting organizations in a digitally connected 🌍 • 📍 UAE | UK | Lebanon 31
AT&T Israel R&D Center Software development, mobile, product, UX-UI and many more written by our great AT&T Israel people. For more insights — visit our website: 31
0xMachina Essays and articles about interacting with modern devices and how they work. 31
Market Research Journal Thought leadership on market research 31
MarconiProtocol Smart Ethernet Protocol 31
keptn keptn —Automated day 1 and day 2 operations for Kubernetes 31
Entrepreneur World Welcome Guys, In this publication we have been covering the top and emerging entrepreneurs in the world. Join us on our journey. 31
Aspectum Cloud based ecosystem for location data visualization and analysis. Improve your business performance by capitalizing your data intelligence 31
Thinking design by graphility Experience design and leadership thoughts from our agency writers 31
BeInCrypto blog We are on a mission to build the first truly independent news portal about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Join us! 31
Fish 2.0 Currents Fish 2.0 Currents tells stories of sustainable seafood entrepreneurs and innovations, from the Fish 2.0 network and beyond. 31
Clippings Autumn 2018 Writing from Creative and Professional Writing Students, Autumn 2018 31
Intent Design Designing better travel experiences 31
The Sanctuary Blog Explore. Engage. Elevate. Empower. 31