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Beam Log Entries Berlin-based company builder with a bias for logistics and technical challenges. Supported by BEUMER Group 14
Messy Things The things we don’t say out loud and the things we need to say out loud. 14
Invention Engine Nanotronics Magazine 14
Canonical Debate Lab Announcements and thoughts from the Canonical Debate Lab and community members 14
Vianova Helping cities shape the future of urban mobility and empower more liveable streets 14
Writing Matters Insights on how to build a writing practice, develop your voice, get published, and connect with others through your writing 14
Fortune For Future The main goal is to deliver quality content to readers and help them understand the world of finance and investing. The publication offers insightful stories on personal finance and how to use money to make more money. 14
SegmentStream SegmentStream’s Blog 14
iZotope Design from the design team at iZotope 14
Galileo Onwards Notes on philosophy, art, computer science, among other things. 14
BBC Future Making you smarter, every day. 14
Vagabond Roads a place for poetry, fiction, and essays with a lost or searching theme 14
Unearth Data-driven communication has dramatically changed the campaign landscape. And we have evolved as a company over the last six years to help campaigns thrive in this new environment. We needed a brand that drives home the value we deliver. We are Unearth. 14
Michael Toa Me, My Food, and I 14
That Ancient Faith Exploring the deeper, historical faith. 14