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Unless a Grain of Wheat Falls a collection of writings around the death of my father, around the changing of faith, of losing and finding 5
Poverty Lessons The Shepherd Higher Education Consortium on Poverty encourages the study of poverty as a complex social problem, by expanding and improving experiential learning opportunities for college students. These are their reflections. 5
Freshmade Journal Brand and Packaging Insights for The New Food Revolution 5
Tabletop Alley Articles and writings to aid and supplement Tabletop Gaming and Roleplaying 5
Contino Engineering Opinions from Contino Engineering 5
Heart and Humanity One heart, many stories. Bringing diversity to life. 5
kickandbackpack Kickandbackpack showcases a completely different perspective of sports, travel & leisure. We thrust Africa 🌍 into the limelight & preach the make-believe of a die-hard fan. 5
The Good News Satire It’s not sacrilegious, but… 5
Holyfield Sports & Culture 5
DOU Insights Insights 5
boresha-tech building smarter tools for agricultural economies 5
LaughingWithDeath Humor, death and book excerpts from: Bereaveability: Spending a Lifetime Avoiding the Reality of Your Death by M.J. Szimanski… 5
The Catington Post The online newspaper, all about CATS! 5
Synical Shareables The least politcally pandering news source out there. 5
Sitewire We're a team of strategists, creative thinkers, digital craftsmen, and doers for hire. This publication is just a sample of our thoughts and insights into the state of digital and what the future might bring. 5