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across-the-line For those who want to get things done 2
Radical We talk about co-management and co-ownership in order to make a more just world. Freedom, transparency, empathy. We recognize that human dignity and relationships drive how we live and work together. 2
joinGoodCompany Good Company is committed to helping employers and employees understand, improve and get excited about the single biggest influence on their work lives: the company they keep. 2
Cryptocurrency and Blockchain in Public Policy I will be covering public policy issues surrounding cryptocurrency and blockchain for a Tufts University class 2
Athenaeum, NIT Trichy The Official Blog of Athenaeum, The Model United Nations Society of NIT Trichy 2
Slightly Entertained Publication for short stories with a dark tone. 2
Broad Questions Thoughtful rants, humorous asides, and deep chats. We celebrate frivolity, have *thoughts* about romcoms, and talk ad nauseum about the feminine experience in the modern world. 2
As We Age This blog will address topics related to mental health policy and practice guidelines for aging populations. This is a class project for AGHE 821: Aging and Mental Health, at Queen’s University 2
Henley & Partners The Global Leader in Residence and Citizenship Planning 2
Behind the Code Exploring the latest developments of tech and blockchain companies. 2
Coach’s Carrots Crunchy, fresh writing, served up weekly 2
Four Corners NBA NBA blog devoted to the game of basketball. 2
Flashbulb Reality A series of five essays about the ways in which we respond to media, specifically focusing on video games and memes. 2
Save as Draft Writing about my writing process. 2