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PyHack print(‘Learn to code in Python!’) 9
SHB Real Estate blog We love London and we love what we do. 9
Mindsets Student Stories of Growth and Transformation 9
XP Bytes Get eXPerienced with byte-sized articles about coffee-induced code and software agency challenges. 9
The Diplomatic Bringing the world closer to Silicon Valley: Commentary and News 9
BrightLab TechBlog BrightLab simplifies your lab work, with a central place to design experiments, capture data, and manage inventory. Purpose of this tech blog is to share the findings and learnings in research lab settings. 9
Amalgam A decentralized, community-driven magazine for writers who are passionate about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, grassroots initiatives, cooperativism, decentralization, emerging technologies, and the power of ideas 9
Data Science Everyone Find the best articles related to Machine Learning, Deep Learning and much more. 9
Mission Gold Mission Gold is an independent photojournalism project exploring street entrepreneurship and alternative value in San Francisco. All profits to homeless charities. 9
HealthTree HealthTree 9
EkoEngineering We’re the devs behind @ekovideo. Working on awesome interactive video, powered by awesome web technology 9
5 at 50 Running 5 half marathons in 2019 to celebrate 50 years on the planet: My story 9
Aucklandmuseum Auckland War Memorial Museum tells the story of New Zealand, its place in the Pacific and its people. The Museum is a war memorial for the province of Auckland and holds one of the world's most significant Māori and Pacifc collections. 9
Copse Magazine Life Centric. Copse isn't a niche magazine, isn't waiting for a life-work balance, not saving for retirement, it believes in enjoying every day. Copse is about the whole life; covering family & parenting, house & decorating, life & wellbeing, travel & tourism, work & business. 9
Born Ink A home of the Moon and her lady. Where her stories and everything meets day of light. 9