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Saoirse Ronan Deserves an Oscar Different thoughts I have about things. 8
How we built an asynchronous, temporal RESTful-API based on Vert.x, Keycloak and Kotlin/Coroutines for (Open Source) How we built a temporal, RESTful-API for a versioned storage system called Sirix(.io). The server is non-blocking, asynchronous and built with Vert.x and Kotlin/Coroutines. We decided to use Keycloak for authorization via the OAuth2 protocol. 8
Wall Street Everything Wall Street-Private Equity, Venture Capital, IPOs, Personal Finance, and Startups 8
Spiritual Reflections Short daily inspirational spiritual reflections to nourish the soul and spirit and inspire a connection between people of all different beliefs. 8
Sean McDevitt Essays and articles by Sean McDevitt 8
Bohemia Magazine A digital literary magazine featuring book reviews, literary criticism, author profiles and essays. 8
Arte/Scienza Exploring the Connection between Art and Science 8
SMC Sports Journalism A collection of sports stories from St. Mary’s College sports journalism students 8
Rollback-driven Development My thoughts on software engineering, computer science & botched deployments 8
CinéMag We undergo the, excruciatingly, painful task of watching films and TV regularly so you don’t have to, and of course: You’re welcome. 8
Blerg Magazine A magazine of things 8
Henley & Partners The Global Leader in Residence and Citizenship Planning 8
Sabrina Monet Writes Here Sabrina Monet Writes Here is a collection of essays on film, television and media. Sabrina Monet likes to spend her time trying to finish her manuscript, but in the middle of all of the chaos, she stops to write about things that have caught her eye. 8
word = new Word (); One marketer’s career change into the world of coding and engineering. 8
The Dissociative Femme Identity and Mental Health (photo credit: 8