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shiftcreatorspace Shift is a creator space for students at the University of Michigan who want to chase their passions outside of the classroom. We’re a tight-knit community of artists, designers, developers, and makers that share the unparalleled drive to bring our ideas to life. 9
From Maria with Love A box of stories about us, life, and writing 9
Bay Area COVID-19 Quarantine Log Dispatches from within a global pandemic 9
Just Books Book reviews focused on social, economic, racial, gender, and environmental justice. 9
CultureTech Notes Sharing new ideas about Art & Culture. 9
Zenitech Zenitech engineering blog 9
DevopsInternationalBV An emerging technologies company (focussed on Machine learning and Blockchain) delivering value to customers and society with software craftsmanship. DevopsInternational has been helping social and environmental startups validate their idea through its product development and tec 9
Stillpoint Mag Stillpoint Mag curates contemporary writer, scholars, and artists to understand what is behind the ‘I’. 9
BUZZKILL MAGAZINE BUZZKILL is a publication dedicated to all the so-called killjoys who’ve had their criticisms dismissed or simply been told that they “can’t take a joke.” We’re here to elevate marginalized voices who want to dissect pop and geek culture. 9
Colourcake The Creative Production Agency | Amsterdam 9
Inspire Me Thoughts and tidbits to get you going. 9
Machine Learning Kickstart Often, beginners encounter confusions in learning AI and ML. They fear the mathematics and programming involved with this emerging technology. This publication aims to guide the readers in a direction, from where they can visualize their path towards success in this field. 9
Fabrit Global Drive innovation through custom software 9
A Meaningful Life Simple ideas to inspire a life lived honestly and filled with happiness 9
Pi School Unique content produced by our community on AI, creativity and personal development. 9