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It’s Tinkoff creates a convenient and safe financial ecosystem. We guess the needs of users and break stereotypes about banking products — that is how we make them understandable and enjoyable. 7
The Green Leaf A place for the eco-conscious to share tips and tricks, educational pieces, poems and prose about nature and the environment. A reminder of when the environment meant something, when we felt the grass between our toes, when running around outside made us happy and excited. 7
jaredkalt. thoughts on public policy, the media, and society. 7
Baby Steps Navigating the pre- and post-natal adventures of life as an older mom 7
TheLiving An Interactive Puzzle Fiction Experience 7
Data Solstice A look into the future of business and information systems 7
Earth 47 Fighting climate change, one ton of CO2 at a time 7
The Bardo Poetry from Purgatory 7
It’s Not About You Quick reads to help you understand how we think and make stronger connections 7
Code Chemistry Give us a problem and we will develop a solution 7
DSN AI+ FUTA @DataScienceNIG AI+ Community in Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA) / AI meetups/trainings for knowledge, research and innovation. Lead: @Lawrence_Bolu #1m_AI_talents_in_10_years 7
#resist! First they came for the Muslims, and we said “not this time, motherf — -ers” 7
Political Engineering Engineers like to fix things. Why not politics? 7
Butternut Engineering Thoughts on technology and culture at Butternut Box. 7
Kitchen Tales A publication for those who know the kitchen is the most important room in a home 7