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Terra vox Language lenses to see the world 1
ObviousStartupAdvice Startup best practices you probably needed last month, but nonetheless will serve you well in the future 1
Research for/into/through design(ing) PhDs from Transition Design and Graduate Design Students from CMU share pieces of research for/into/through design(ing) and their connections with design theory. An invitation for other designers and/or researchers to — potentially — build on these studies. 1
Sciant IT and Software Development Services Company 1
Massive Insider Invite-only Executive Interviews on Cross-Industry Topics 1
Writ in Water Writing blog featuring one writer’s journey to publication, with anecdotes, advice, experiments, and prompts. 1
Shoulders of Giantss An ode to the greats and to the stories that made me. 1
The Dissection Room The Writers’ Dissection Room is where writers dissect books to find out how they work, just don’t expect us to put them back together again. A project of Stereoscopic Books. 1
Weekly Mindfulness A more mindful life, one week at a time. 1
WealthTribe Set your savings goals. Put money aside weekly. Boost your savings by up to £1000. 1
Blushed The world through my eyes 1
Solutions Journalism: A Review and Analysis of Patterns A Michigan State University School of Journalism team led by Dr. Serena Miller researched Solutions Journalism including its benefits and challenges. 1
thehighhorse Reflections and rants about anything and everything 1
Better Reliability Advice for engineering teams on better reliability engineering practices for a reliable world from the Squadcast community 1
ModernSlavery101 Who makes our clothes? Who mined the gold in the battery of your phone or computer? Under what conditions were they working? We will unpack what modern slavery is, what is being done to address it, and what you can do to pitch in 1