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PyHack print(‘Learn to code in Python!’) 9
SHB Real Estate blog We love London and we love what we do. 9
ASE Conference Research from the 34th IEEE/ACM international conference on Automated Software Engineering 9
Devon Skidmore UX Case Studies 9
XP Bytes Get eXPerienced with byte-sized articles about coffee-induced code and software agency challenges. 9
Redsand We build ventures that are financially sustainable, disruptive and profitable. @TheRedsandgroup 9
The Diplomatic Bringing the world closer to Silicon Valley: Commentary and News 9
Amalgam A decentralized, community-driven magazine for writers who are passionate about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, grassroots initiatives, cooperativism, decentralization, emerging technologies, and the power of ideas 9
Data Science Everyone Find the best articles related to Machine Learning, Deep Learning and much more. 9
Killian Street A new place for horror and oddities 9
Cœurly Matters of the Heart 9
TechTalkers Hey there! We’re TechTalkers and we post articles about the latest science and technology. 9
The Torchbearer The Torchbearer is a light in the darkness that guides us to a better understanding of our purpose in the world. 9
Investify Media Investify Media publishes content related to investing, with a heavy emphasis on both private equity and venture capital. Investify also helps you navigate careers in finance, investing and consulting. 9
SIITGo For Tech Scholars 9