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Living with Joy Lessons from a young cocker spaniel in how to live. 9
Bylines by Jo-Entertainment Beat News, reviews, and breakdowns of the film and tv shows that we all love (and that I geek out so hard on). This publication will feature interviews, coverage from behind the scenes and so much more. 9
The DevOps Ship The DevOps Enthusiasts Arena. Learn together, grow together. 9
The Decolonization of Fela Kuti: A Meditation on the Creation of Afrobeat Politics and Popular Music Final Project 9
PolicyInsights Writings on government data, spending, and impact 9
Politically Incorrect, Real & Unapologetic Here is some clarity, perspective, logic, reason and important thoughts about looking at life differently. Typical news outlets are letting you down. 9
Econsult Solutions Econsult Solutions answers big questions and tell the story through insights, ideas, and thoughtful analysis. We find solutions by applying our expertise in economic development, real estate, transportation, public policy, finance and urban planning. 9
Humboldt3 The Humboldt3 are currently on trial in Berlin for speaking up against apartheid representative Aliza Lavie. The three are taking Israel to court along with them while insisting on a legal discourse which accuses the State of Israel of practicing crimes against humanity. 9
Verita-serum Truth potion — (mostly) truthful analysis, insights and opinion on wide-ranging societal topics. 9
Confessions of a Storyteller At Confessions of a Storyteller, I bring together my ideas, inspiration and learning from the world of stories and storytelling. 9
Grégoire Mielle — @greeeg A curious developer making things with a computer. Leveling up at HETIC. 9
DigiSketches Tablet Diary 9
Art of JRB Stories of Dealing with Mental Health, Depression, Life, and Love; art too 9
Landed If we want stronger schools and safer communities, we need to uphold those who make it possible. That’s why we provide services like down payment support to teachers and school staff: if more of us feel at home, we all benefit. 9
Remind Me Tomorrow: An Ethics Update for the Datafied World Moving ethics out of the ivory tower and into cyberspace 9