Publications tagged `FUTURE`
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YEAST. YEAST is a future of food laboratory that explores the relationship between food, emerging technologies, and urban living. 106
Alexandria Science The e-magazine of science, from astronomy to zoology 104
The Futurian The Futurian is a foresight magazine devoted to looking at how the future will be experienced. Many pockets of the future are seen today. We aim to examine those seeds of the future and how they impact upon the world in which we live. 95
Bound By Books Calling all those bravely bookish: do you see a future where each and every book saves the world, just a little? This is a publication for those who see a bright future, bound by books. 93
Cristina Pozzi Ethics of Emerging Technologies and the Future 83
Beagle Blog Active, engaging learning for all 78
ACM Future of Computing Academy Blog of the ACM Future of Computing Academy 77
Phoebus Online An e-Magazine for gifted teen writers that focuses on innovation, exponential technologies, and global grand challenges. 73
PrivateID PrivateID comes from what I believe is going to be one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century: privacy. PrivateID’s a blog/podcast about the conversations we need to bring to the table and about how to solve the problems that are coming. Because our freedom is at stake. 71
Open Source Futures Looking at the structures behind the trends 71
Humanity Sparks A publication with research into venture strategy and venture capital investment, and into the interconnection between the future of humanity and technological advancement. Always on the lookout for technological, cultural and business trends that underline new opportunities. 67
Technology: Past Present, and Future A publication looking at the history and progress of technology. 48
The Week Your world through the lens of geopolitics, opinion, and business. 47
Happy Hiking Happy Hiking is a publication for readers and writers who find comfort and strength in hiking. We share our experiences, reflection, ideas, and insights on hiking. We invite hikers, writers, nature philosophers, and photographers to join us and share their best stories. 45
Sky Blue Muse Self-Awareness | Pragmatic Idealism | Purposeful Living | Minimalist Creativity | Metaphysical Poetry 44