Publications tagged `FUTURE`
Name Followers
Transportation Matters Pioneering ideas and sharing insights on the latest transportation technology. // Podcast fits you better? Tune in to Transportation Matters → 26
FIREBRAND Truth on brand, design, democracy, the feminine, books, and life 24
Train of Thought Thinking about the future of society. 19
People Centric Strategic Design Connecting Innovation, Strategy and Foresight 18
Memos Of The Future Executive summaries focusing on cutting edge topics 18
Drive & Journey Exploring how we move people and things from A to B. 16
Technology4Planet Innovative technologies at the service of our planet 16
Learning Economy Dedicated to solving the global skills gap. 16
Andrea Dusi Andrea Dusi 15
G21C Governing in the 21st Century 15
Technology: Past Present, and Future A publication looking at the history and progress of technology. 13
Designing in Sunlight Designing in Sunlight publishes creative stories and critical essays that imagine and explore human futures powered by clean energy transitions. 8
The Last Futurist The Last Futurist are my new media rants on the world. 6
Man Made Electric Electric news and life views since 1905. 6
Welded Thoughts This is a network. And so is everything else. Welded Thoughts aims to shed light and inform by tieing ideas, concepts, and knowledge together — often from distinct domains. 5