Publications tagged `FUTURE`
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Futurist One A personal publication 40
HERE HERE, the Open Location Platform company, enables people, businesses and cities to harness the power of location. 40
Halcyon A publication dedicated to making tomorrow better than today. Publishes self-improvement, health, short stories, politics/policy, and science/technology. Now accepting submissions. 37
Memos Of The Future Executive summaries focusing on cutting edge topics 34
The Future Normal Henry Coutinho-Mason and Rohit Bhargava have run two of the most successful trend consultancies in the world: Trendwatching and the Non-Obvious Company. Now join them as they pair up to explore The Future Normal. 31
edge Everything new, First. 30
Transportation Matters Pioneering ideas and sharing insights on the latest transportation technology. // Podcast fits you better? Tune in to Transportation Matters → 26
Futurist Gerd: Humanity, Technology, Business, and Digital Ethics in the 21st Century A compilation of Gerd Leonhard’s most thought-provoking and controversial pieces on the future of technology, society, business, capitalism, and digital ethics. 25
CyborgNest We believe in enhancing humans not machines, we strive to develop innovative technologies that expand your perception of the world. 25
FIREBRAND Truth on brand, design, democracy, the feminine, books, and life 24
G21C Governing in the 21st Century 20
NEXT Generation Consulting, Inc. YOU CARE ABOUT THE FUTURE. WE LOVE THAT ABOUT YOU. We are futurists, economists, trend-trackers, logicians, nerds, and good-timers. We work with clients who share our commitment to leave the world better for future generations. Visit us at 20
Train of Thought Thinking about the future of society. 19
People Centric Strategic Design Connecting Innovation, Strategy and Foresight 18
Drive & Journey Exploring how we move people and things from A to B. 16