Publications tagged `FUTURE`
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Full-Time Full-time is a journey of using an ipad pro as a main computing device 5
The Overstory Alliance Library The Library is a collection of free educational articles written by Overstory Alliance to help inform and empower action for a deeply just future; explaining how we got to today, what we face in the present, and how we can steer the future. 5
Agents of DISRUPT Short story hopepunk fiction with cool technology and humor in the cartoonish future of Big City. Would you connect your mind to the cloud? Would you ride a flying jetbike through perilous missions for fun and profit? Do you want to prevail over villainy? Yes? Get in the car! 4
New Cartographer Short stories, poetry, and nonfiction exploring utopian visions of the future. 4
HERMANN’S For the good future of food. 3
Uncharted Infinity A publication for those who look up at the stars in wonder and amazement. What could be out there? Who could be out there? Is our future above us? Let’s explore it all together. 3
Mapping Out 2050 It’s no longer enough for computer programmers & scientists to be aware of the technologies that are shaping our future. All current and future leaders need to carefully explore the impact of these ground-breaking technologies on society. This publication aims to do just that. 3
Yealthy Yealthy fosters collaboration between researchers from academia to industry. We also have a scientific youth group lead by undergraduates, graduates and PhD students. Our group on interests include synthetic biology, Quantum Medicine, ML for biology, Digital Medicine and more 3
HYPERTEXT Hypertext is a publication about technology, and how its use can determine our future. Created by Plug’n’Play. 2
Red Letters David Blue ponders the divisions in class and culture between the roles of industry and consumer as they manifest in business, academic, and communal transactions across geography and time. 2
Novel writer, novel reader Stories about ordinary people like you and me, focussed on telling the important stories not told elsewhere. 2
Into Dystopia Discussing Dystopian Tech, Economics, Politics, Psychology & Philosophy 2
The Metaverse The Metaverse is coming. This publication will help people find, learn about, and join the movement. Subscribe! 2
Novorerum New things, new ideas, new insights 2
Humanistic Humanistic is a strategic innovation consultancy that imagines new businesses, new markets, new products and services, and anticipates shifts that make these ideas happen. 1