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These Unanswered Questions Thoughts on navigating the world through better design 1
PSFK We fuel innovation in retail and customer experience through research, content, events and our community. Follow us to get the latest insights 1
Cloud Forest A Medium publication dedicated to stories about ecosystem diversity, computational sustainability, business agility and ethical leadership. 1
Digital Ideas Stories about future, artificial intelligence, technology-driven economics, design and thinking. 1
Gamma Waves Gamma waves are the fastest brain waves — they occur when you’re highly alert and conscious. Especially, while you experience joy and satisfaction coming from doing the work you absolutely love and which leads to realization of your full potential. 1
Fusion Energy Articles about the development of fusion reactors and their environmental impact. From experts for everyone. 1
Susmitha Burra Product Manager, Techie, Foodie and Traveller 0
Confessions Of A Teenage Tech Addict An exploration of how technology is shaping the world and our place in it. Written by an addicted teenager. 0
The Tech Hub Stay up to date on all things tech-related, from new ideas to outlandish creations. Discover the rising technologies that will pave the way of the future. 0
Period Futures Period Futures is a playful project to explore a future world for periods. This publication is intended to be a vehicle for amplifying diverse voices; views expressed represent those of the interviewees/authors. All Period Futures content should only be used with written consent. 0