Publications tagged `ENTREPRENEURSHIP`
Name Followers
Off The Record What you should know about startups, growth and building a business. 1,356
Pitch Decks All about pitch decks and financial documentation 1,253
EveryLibrary Stories about libraries and librarians around America. We cover the breadth of experiences that people have through their libraries, and showcase the amazing people who work there. 1,119
Thinking about Startups Thoughts about the process of taking an idea and making it reality for a lot of customers in an economically sustainable way. 952
Female Founders Fund News about female founders and women in VC from a seed-stage fund that invests in the exponential power of exceptional female talent. 940
The Praxis Journal Stories of the ideas, models, practices, and people powering today's redemptive ventures. 933
Enjoy The Work Our unique, hands-on approach to startup mentorship empowers founders to pick the right path. We provide informed counsel every step of the way, helping founders navigate the unknown in times of inevitable turbulence and uncertainty. 929
On the Rise A community of high-achievers on our climb to the top 916
Storm Ventures We invest in companies that have found PMF. We don’t care where you’re based, as long as you have happy customers, innovative software, and a team hungry to leave their mark on the enterprise. 914
G20 Ventures Human scale venture capital. 864
Samaipata We are an early-stage founders’ fund investing in digital platforms and marketplaces across Europe 849
Digital Marketing Lab Digital Marketing Lab is Medium’s premier publication for articles and content related to digital marketing, blogging, branding, email marketing, SEO, and social media marketing. 836
Canva Lessons and learnings from Canva’s rapidly growing team. 820
Pillar VC VC doesn't have to be the darkside. 812
devStories Stories about software development from the dev team. 787