Publications tagged `STARTUP`
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Silicon Roundabout Hub All about startups, technology, entrepreneurship, venture capital, and tech community growth in the UK and Europe 28
MattePaint A blog about the development of - and image resource for Artists 28
Back and Forth Every week, Kuan writes about life, travel, meditation, design and stories you inspire her to tell. She is building @ftwretreat, and has previously led design at CockroachDB, Etsy, Grand St, Washington Post, and Objective Subject. 24
Pathfinder Invention is key. 24
Getir We like to write about things we think are cool, related to our business of course. 21 The best from Design, Tech and Business for all things Startup. You’ll love it… 20
LogMeIn Engineering A place for LogMeIn developers to share knowledge 18
Tech Startups and Challenges When creating or joining a new tech startup — reach for the stars, but be ready to work harder than ever before to get there! 17
WhaleAcademy We assist and invest in blockchain enabled projects 16
HAX_co The Global Hardware Startups Success Engine. Learn more at 15
Building Aasaanjobs Stories from tech & design team at Aasaanjobs | 14
Adel Blockchain Agnostic Technology Incubator | Adel will harness the features of any open-ledger platform to showcase its potential | Adelphoi ▲ $ADL ERC20 | KYC AML CTF Compliant | Blockchain Connect ▲ Czech Alliance | Start Something Great ▲ 13
Disciplined Entrepreneurship Disciplined Entrepreneurship is an intensive process, created by Bill Aulet, that shows how innovation-driven entrepreneurship can be broken down into discreet behaviors and processes which can be taught in just 24 steps. 12
Plum Relish Plum Relish 12
Oddup Oddup is a global leader in startup, investment, and ICO insights and analysis. 12