Publications tagged `DESIGN`
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Convoy Tech Engineers, data scientists, product thinkers and designers changing the future of freight. 226
Labs OLX Brasil O OLX Labs nasceu para compartilharmos o conhecimento adquirido no dia a dia da OLX Brasil com a comunidade. Falaremos sobre resultados de projetos, metodologias de trabalho, processos, nossa cultura e valores e todo tipo de conteúdo relevante para o ecossistema de Tecnologia. 226
Currents Writings collected from around the Upstatement office. Upstatement is a free-thinking, fun-loving creative studio that imagines & builds exceptional digital experiences. 225
Domain Product Design So many stories we want to tell you. 222
Segment Design Designing for scalable customer data infrastructure. 201
Significa Blog Significa is a design-led agency focused on product development: we take on products from inception to launch, from business model to people’s pocket, from wireframe to continuous deployment. 198
Code and Design A community dedicated to teaching mobile development, web development and design, while also getting learners ready for the job market. 198
Oki Doki Oki Doki is a creative digital agency founded by Marie Poulin and Benjamin Borowski, focused on planning, designing, and developing rich, end-to-end digital experiences that connect with users and drive business outcomes. 194
Iterators Stories by team of developers and designers. 192
RoboPress Ideas and insights from the robots, pencils and ampersands of Robots & Pencils 191
Cisco Design Community The Design practice at Cisco is a critical capability that ensures we find the right problems to solve, and solve them in the best way possible. The designers that drive this work are some of the best and brightest in the industry. These are their stories. 188
Societe Generale Design Meet the design practitioners and enthusiasts of Societe Generale. We craft meaningful products and experiences for start-ups, corporates and financial institutions. 187
IIT Institute of Design A collection of news and stories from students, alumni, and faculty at the graduate design school also known as the New Bauhaus 187
Handsome Perspectives Thoughts, ideas, and learnings from the Handsome team. 182
The Regeneration A collaborative media company about people and businesses working to restore our relationship with the environment. Committed to creating a more equitable world for all living things. 179