Publications tagged `DESIGN`
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Handsome Perspectives Thoughts, ideas, and learnings from the Handsome team. 198
Iterators Stories by team of developers and designers. 196
Oki Doki Oki Doki is a creative digital agency founded by Marie Poulin and Benjamin Borowski, focused on planning, designing, and developing rich, end-to-end digital experiences that connect with users and drive business outcomes. 196
Design Council Making life better by design. 192
Tailor Tech Tailor Brands Engineering Blog 191
Mobile Patterns Inspirational UI UX Patterns That Work 190
A View from Above Perspectives about Tech, Design & Strategy from the Swedish Above Agency 189 Blog – Product, Design, and Tech Posts from the people building the world’s greatest marketplace 185
WeAreSnook Since 2009 we’ve been helping organisations put effective change in place — designing products and services that work for people. 184
Myntra UX Design Design learnings & insights from the Myntra design team 183
People & Company We bring clarity to people and organizations who strive to bring their people together. 182
DSchool This group is for enthusiasts who believe that design can change the world and want to solve real world problems by innovating through design. Here you will get to know more about UI/ UX Design, Design Thinking and Digital Product Design. 180
The Regeneration A collaborative media company about people and businesses working to restore our relationship with the environment. Committed to creating a more equitable world for all living things. 179
The New Industrialist by Mindsense Mindsense’s Company Blog. 176
Highland Solutions A CX and digital agency with a fierce commitment to keeping people at the center of our work. 168