Publications tagged `DESIGN`
Name Followers
Betabox Blog The blog of Betabox 23
grandstudio We are a digital strategy and product design consultancy in Chicago. 22
Sugoi Made A publication dedicated to creatives, freelancers, content creators, & digital marketers. 21
CIRCULARITY On a mission to transform linear economy into a circular economy. 21
Designfeld Designfeld is a comedy series about a UX Designer and his fellow UX Writer, in their struggle to find… they don't even know what they're struggling to find, they just want to share their views on Design and why it can get quirky. 21
MADE The audience is in charge. 20
Serious Games: 377G A place for instructor and student writings for the class. 20
Jamie Hylands Portfolio The online home of Jamie Hylands - Product Designer, Tech Geek, Human. 19
Assist 2 Develop Discussing innovation, mechanical engineering, freelancing, CAD design, and manufacturing trends. 19
Futurice Expertise. Experience. Experiments. Examples. 19
FIREBRAND Truth on brand, design, democracy, the feminine, books, and life 19
Kaodim Engineering Notes on software development, delivery and design. 19
The Ethical Technologist Plundering the smarts of psychology, philosophy and the social sciences to make better tech. 18
thedifferentview Ideas, revelations, processes. Mainly digital. By High Contrast, the agency. 18
Artscientist Digital design philosophy: essays on and experiments in the art and science of user experience design 16