Publications tagged `DESIGN`
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ZigTheBlog Zig is an app. This is a blog. 9
Grégoire Mielle — @greeeg A curious developer making things with a computer. Leveling up at HETIC. 9
pennypang-life A reflection of what goes on in my daily routine 8
Urban Minds ​We are creating new ways for youth to participate in city building. 8
Artful Design Reflections on design as the intentional shaping of technology—and its effect on society and the individual, drawing from Ge Wang’s ARTFUL DESIGN, a photo-comic book about what it means to design, design well, and design ethically. 8
Designing in Sunlight Designing in Sunlight publishes creative stories and critical essays that imagine and explore human futures powered by clean energy transitions. 8
Side by Side: Together Made Possible A community of thought leaders exploring topics that are redefining the way we work. 8
ALL-ART: Art for All and All for Art Art inspires, entertains, challenges, and delights. Reflections on the subject of art, artists, and art-lovers. 8
Architects for Change Architects for Change is a youth-led organization, founded in 2014 and based in Beirut. 7
HTEC Group We are a center of innovation and software development. 7
Creative Scatterbrain Design, board games, a novel, D&D campaigns, homebrewed beer and other things. So many ideas. So little time. Join us in our pain. 7
17seconds We believe that great people and companies thrive in the face of evolution. We help great companies transform their products, services, and businesses utilizing the power of lean product development, strategic design and collaboration. 7
Mabiloft Stories about our experience with starting a software company. 7
on design by design Creative outlet on design, UI/UX and side-projects, as told by Peter Urfer. 7
Better by Design Defining Experiences, Defining Brands. 7