Publications tagged `DESIGN`
Name Followers
Freshmade Journal Brand and Packaging Insights for The New Food Revolution 5
Portfolio Philipp Hertel Design Portfolio of Philipp Hertel. German Design Graduate 5
Urban Minds ​We are creating new ways for youth to participate in city building. 4
Redshirts Imille’s viewpoints on the world of design, technology and communication 4
Eric Lund Design Eric Lund is a Designer based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. He designs experiences so refreshing they could be the next LaCroix flavor. Go on, take a sip. 4
Nord Projects Nord Projects is a design and technology consultancy. We work like a start-up to build products that delight users and solve business problems. 4
YouMeO we create positive and strategic innovations 4
Empathic Futures Lab Discussing Human-focused futures for the Environments in which we live 4
The Brigade Design, development, strategy and badass culture. 4
Blackcreek Driven by challenge. Inspired to solve. Blackcreek is an innovation firm partnering with forward-thinking brands and businesses. 4 Insights on Design for the Public Good 4
Push Doctor Helping people see a doctor online and get the help they need in minutes. 4
The Ramblings of an MD{eveloper} Student MD Student, Designer, Developer, Photographer. I want to know how things (and people) work. If you’re here, you do too. 4
Gauge We’re a dedicated team of creators, strategists, marketing mentors, and developers. eCommerce has become a dominating component of retail sales, and we’ve grown intelligently along with the demand. 3
FictionDesign Independent brand experience design studio. We help brands grow, innovate and connect emotionally. 3