Publications tagged `SOCIAL MEDIA`
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Confessions of an Anti-Social Marketer I’ve worked in roles across Customer Service, Community and Marketing for the best part of a decade. I’ve seen things you wouldn’t believe. 29
Chris Huebner Marketing and Recruiting Strategist + University of South Carolina 28
The Bloggers User friendly, SEO, Social Media, marketing and WordPress articles. 28
Youth Pop! Kids, tween and teen insights and culture trends. Edited by Derek E. Baird. 27
Be Everywhere Exploring topics on growing your business through content, including topics such as content amplification, content repurposing, omnichannel marketing — and generally helping you Be Everywhere in order to reach your market as effectively as possible 26
Blood, Sweat, and Likes Deep in the trenches with the social media team at Nail Communications 25
Sphere 💬 A chat app that transforms groups into vibrant communities, effortlessly. Available on iOS, Android and Web. Sign up to our waitlist: // Join our community: 25
EuVisions Tracking the ideas, discourse and politics of social Europe 23
COD Social Media as News This is a publication of the students from the College of DuPage “Social Media as New Course.” (Updated Sept. 2020) 23
All About Marketing Marketing strategies for your brand and business. 22
From Maria with Love A box of stories about us, life, and writing 21
Anti Clickbait Coalition The Anti Clickbait Coalition features many topics, but has strict requirements for story-titles and content, so readers can focus on the articles they really want to read. 19
21st Century Entrepreneur 21st Century Entrepreneur houses stories on all aspects of entrepreneurship today, especially online businesses 19
Codepth The voices and opinions of the folks at Codepth about anything about everything trivial 18
Writers Hub We welcome stories all around the globe, every perspective, every field. 17