Publications tagged `SOCIAL MEDIA`
Name Followers
One Chronicle Exploring the big picture (all puns intended) 9
FontDEVOURER The Cult of Reuben are endowed in the strong belief that fun should be at the heart of all we do. Virgin sacrifices every Friday herald a new dawn for workplace puffery and dastardly deeds. Only cake and double shots of G&T hold this crumbling empire together. 8
Write to Blog Breaking down blogging for beginners 8
NikCanvin Trans-formative & systematic problem solver, Java, Node.js and Swift Monitoring and Diagnostic Experiences Product Owner, Knowledge and Project Manager 8
Fossbytes Founded in August 2014, Fossbytes is one of the fastest-growing tech media startups in India. In a short period of time, Fossbytes has become a leading source of technology news and tutorials on the internet. 8
#Truth2020 Publication all about the #Truth2020 movement 7
C U LTR Magazine Modernity through a thin veil of irreverence 7
on design by design Creative outlet on design, UI/UX and side-projects, as told by Peter Urfer. 7
#resist! First they came for the Muslims, and we said “not this time, motherf — -ers” 7
Image Machines A research project exploring the intersections between machine vision and the participatory and promotional cultures of digital media. 7
8 Million FootPrints This publication is dedicated to healing the world one article at a time. Do your part. 7
Voltaire Blog Understand the world with a deeper perspective — drawing on history, philosophy and natural science. Voltaire creates ethical media focused on radical honesty, transparency and accountability in politics, finance & international affairs. 7
Iconosquare Blog #1 Blog on Facebook & Instagram Marketing 6
The Last Futurist The Last Futurist are my new media rants on the world. 6
His&Her Story Read stories featuring perspectives that are often shut out from the media 6