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Writers Daily Sharing information about writing, social media, and anything writing-related. 4
What a time to be alive! We’re going to do our best to unpack the state of 2019 and beyond, so hop in and we’ll explain where we’re going on the way. 3
Anti-Content Thoughts on Signal, Noise & the VOLUME of it All 3
BOOM BOOM is an independent digital journalism initiative with a mission to fight misinformation and make the internet safer. We are India’s premier fact checking website, committed to bring to our readers verified facts rather than opinion. 3
What a time to be alive! Millennial (aka person under 40), communications professional, obsessed with the web, politics, policy and technology. Single-handedly responsible for killing department stores, bar soap, Applebee's, etc… 2
Digital Marketing Today Deep dives into the tech world's latest updates; read Julian Gamboa's takes on the latest of the marketing and advertising world. 2
Tetrad Illuminations Pondering technology’s effects on society 2
T.E.C.H Essays on Technology, Media and the Internet of Things 2
Social Media Grandma Dispatches, stories and notes from one of the world’s oldest digital natives 2
Customer Decisions Journal We’re on a mission to uncover how brands can forge trust with consumers in the age of visual communication. Join us and share your own experience with us! 2
Flock Social Flock Social is the fastest growing Instagram management service. 1
High Key Highlighting the biggest news and trends in politics, law, and society 1
Cybertraps News and analysis regarding “cybertraps” — the use and misuse of digital devices, social media, and other tools of electronic communication. My goal is to help teachers, parents, and kids navigate the legal and social challenges of our brave new world. 1
Miscellany Collective I am a person that likes things to have a place to be put. I needed a place to put my published works that I couldn’t find a home for. If you would like to have any of these stories in your publications 1
The Orange Curated stories on marketing, development and social media. 0