Publications tagged `SOCIAL MEDIA`
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Spirits Rising The latest stories from Kindred and the Kindred Community. 16
The S.M.G. As millennial as you can get. Come for the rants, stay for the avocados. 16
Faiā The official company blog for Faiā. We ignite brand communities. 15
Lumin💡 Lumin is a purpose built online learning platform designed to build the marketing, fundraising, social media and communications skills of the community and social change sectors. 15
The Post Mind The Post Mind publishes on topics like Mental Health, Self Improvement, Mindfulness, and Social Media Marketing. 14
Shirley the Internet Sommelier The guide to Internet by someone who don’t go outside 14
thepopcult Diving into the cult of popular culture. 14
Online Political Transparency Project The Online Political Transparency Project is a nonpartisan, independent project is focused on improving the transparency of online political advertising. and are public tools created by the project to show trends in Facebook political advertising 13
ykone Ykone is an international influencer marketing agency 12
21st Century Entrepreneur 21st Century Entrepreneur houses stories on all aspects of entrepreneurship today, especially online businesses 12
The Insight Brief A collection of my research papers, articles and ramblings. 11
The Finanz Posts that support building and creating things | Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Content Creation 11
InfluencerHQ We are the go-to hub for inspiring influencers, where you can learn from other influencers how to become more successful! 10
Alliance to Counter Crime Online Fighting organized crime activity on social media 10
Advertising’s Not Dead A curation of our industry’s most unique ad, social, and marketing campaigns 9