Publications tagged `SOCIAL MEDIA`
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Customer Decisions Journal We’re on a mission to uncover how brands can forge trust with consumers in the age of visual communication. Join us and share your own experience with us! 2
Ektora Blog Ektora is a web-based app to grow your audience on Instagram. This blog is a knowledgeable space to share anything and everything related to Instagram Growth. 2
Karlieva We are an all-girls team of young, talented and diverse creators and marketers building brands. We produce and distribute video, audio and written content that your audience wants. 2
Flock Social Flock Social is the fastest growing Instagram management service. 1
High Key Highlighting the biggest news and trends in politics, law, and society 1
Cybertraps News and analysis regarding “cybertraps” — the use and misuse of digital devices, social media, and other tools of electronic communication. My goal is to help teachers, parents, and kids navigate the legal and social challenges of our brave new world. 1
Miscellany Collective I am a person that likes things to have a place to be put. I needed a place to put my published works that I couldn’t find a home for. If you would like to have any of these stories in your publications 1
Soulfully Social It is time to redefine social media norms and question the habitual ways we show up on our social media channels. It is time to cultivate soulfulness. In order to do that, we need to cultivate a deeper sense of self-awareness. That’s what Soulfully Social aims to do. 1
Tech Cleanse Targeted advertising, suggested links, mobile notifications, social media content. These are just a few things driven by advanced AI models that influence our daily lives. If they aren’t taken seriously and approached responsibly, they have the potential to cause serious harm. 1
The Orange Curated stories on marketing, development and social media. 0
It Crossed My Mind Observations and reflections on experiences in the classroom and in life 0
The Gen Z Column The place for young teen journalists to showcase their experiences and hardships. This publication is here to discuss important to benign things from environmentalism to why Tide pods are actually good! Want to write for us? Sign up here: 0
Sell-a-Bunch Sell-a-Bunch is Sellbunch Co.’s publicationg for all things to do with marketing, social media, strategies, tips, experiences, content, etc. Basically, if it helps a company sell something, it’ll rest here. Managed by @ryanlarson1218 0
the bloop the bloop is a place for small business owners and entrepreneurs to learn what they really need to know about marketing their business. With the right knowledge, you can go far. 0
Jeti Jeti is a social media platform that connects you with people who are nearby, have shared interests or topics, and friends and family members. Our mission is to provide a fun, friendly way to engage with your community, near or far. 0