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The Friday Feel-Good Some thoughts and curated stuff to make you laugh. Or cry. Or dance. Or sing. Or feel inspired. Or just forget for a little while that the world is weird right now. 2
Wind&Bones A publication brought to you by Wind&Bones Community Interest Company. 2
I Am Scribblerpoet A collection of the scribbles that don’t quite fit anywhere else. You can expect: Actionable advice, philosophy, lifestyle, personal narratives, mini-memoirs, and more. 2
Pomme de Terre The writings of one Leo Teixeira concerning thought, language and root vegetables. 2
Devil is in the Details Sharing ideas for improvement 2
Reframe Your Inbox Adam M. Lowenstein is the author of “Reframe the Day: Embracing the Craft of Life, One Day at a Time” (2020). In his email newsletter, Reframe Your Inbox, Adam shares meandering thoughts on books, politics, productivity, writing, work, & life. Get in touch at 2
New Meditations A place for philosophic matter in poetic form. 2
WritingAndTyping Journeys through the world of books and creative writing. 2
The Mantle The Mantle is a serialized fantasy story set long after an apocalyptic event has reshaped the world. 2
Fiction Loves Copywriting Your fiction deserves to be read. Finding an audience sucks. (But it doesn’t have to.) Learning copywriting skills, while growing as a storyteller, can give you a shot at making a career out of writing. Fiction Loves Copywriting is here to help. 2
Random with Jyoti Home for my random bits and pieces that don’t fit anywhere 2
Light Inside Thoughts about feelings; feelings about thoughts. 2
Ioana’s Corner How many thoughts go unwritten every day? This is Ioana’s Corner: a messy compilation of unknitted threads of thought. 2
Weekly Horror Stories And How They’re Written Today’s horror fans struggle finding good, original stories while also lacking practical tips on how to improve their craft. Our publication gives today’s horror fans the stories they crave and simple how-to’s so they can read and write great horror — every week. 2
A Smut Writer’s Mouthgasms About my culinary adventures at local businesses & other musings 2