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Meghans Madness My Articles Will Give You Nightmares 0
The Angles of All Ways First-time author Kelly Coons draws upon her own experience as an Autistic person to talk about the characters, themes, and process of her young-adult debut novel, All Ways. 0
Filmmaker Dream Studios An Aspiring Filmmakers Studio: Publishing Reviews, Articles, Stories and Other Media. 0
On Self-Publishing There was no better or more daunting time to self-publish pieces of any length and style than now. There are endless possibilities and as much competition. This publication offers epiphanies, thoughts, and advice on how to navigate this ever-changing but worth-exploring world. 0
Notes By Fleurine I don’t have anything new to say, just a new way of saying it. This will be the home of my newsletters and other pieces that don’t quite fit elsewhere, as they deserve a place in this madness too. 0