Publications tagged `WRITING`
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Writ in Water Writing blog featuring one writer’s journey to publication, with anecdotes, advice, experiments, and prompts. 1
Lived Through It Stories inspired by my life experiences. 1
The Dissection Room The Writers’ Dissection Room is where writers dissect books to find out how they work, just don’t expect us to put them back together again. A project of Stereoscopic Books. 1
The Closet Creative Break out of your creative shell and become the person you were made to be. 1
Campfire Blog Learn everything you need to know to get started writing and worldbuilding! We cover all the things that a writer needs like workflow, planning, and crafting your manuscript. Find more of our posts at: 1
Building Poetry A house made of poetry. Poems and articles related to poetry live here. 1
Writing Smarter Fiction Writing Tips for Beginners 1
Ash & Amy We write stories and share lived experiences with a twist of humor. 1
Bubblegum Factory Hi, Welcome to my semi-charmed kinda life. I write about my experience with books, movies and share occasional thoughts on football. Garden variety Thoreau, trying to make this my Walden. Part-time researcher; full-time curious cat, perpetual seeker of internet validation. 1
The Companion A collection of thoughts, articles, stories and experiments about the modern world and society 1
Foliage Reading into books. Critical thinking. 1
Letterspace Letterspace is a single place for me to collect my various perspectives on writing and editing, which have fascinated me my whole life. 1
Cover 2 Cover Former acquaintances attempting to overcome writer’s block by seeking inspiration from the most obvious place - book titles, and discovering their poetic voices, books and dust bunnies along the way 1
Black Women in Fiction A digital publication to amplify the work of Black women fiction writers and provide educational content on the writing process 1
Writing Hackz Be a better writer — on Medium and elsewhere. 1