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Live Poet Society Short stories, musings and poetry for the discerning reader. Or maybe the undiscerning reader. 0
My 52 problems This is my answer to a #Write52 initiative which main aim is to write one blog post every week for a year. The theme of my 52 stories is the “Impact of modern technology on our lives”. 0
Claire Wu A collection of works by Claire Wu 0
Watershield Poetic Poetry, prose, and stories about art, creativity, writing, identity, mental health, and wellness. 0
My Front Porch Thoughts on farming, fishing, writing, and living the rural life. 0
Bark Out Loud! A place for writers to bark-out their wisdom, passion, and ideas to persist. 0
Eashan’s Thoughts This is a space for me to share productivity tips and other useful information. A place where a few of my thoughts can live. 0
The Front Journal A collection of my progress in learning front-end web development. 0
Muuzzer Muuzzer is a distraction-free platform for writers and readers. It has put power where it belongs — with the users, by giving them a choice to write and read in their vernacular languages. 0
Cheat Sheet This will be description in the pub 0
Rot Gut Pulp A high-end outfit publishing neo-pulp e-rags from a Potemkin village in Ha Long Bay. We’d throw our grandmother into a jet turbine for a nickel and some cheap thrills. In life and dice, sometimes you throw a ten, but most of the time you seven out. 0
نبض — Pulse. Welcome to the Pulse ! A platform where we publish stories on what it means to be a human with a beating heart — alive 0
Coronadiet Coronadiet is an outlet, a diary log, and an experimental ground offering commentary on art consumed during quarantine, a time of hunger for stimulation. Menu changes regularly. Best when served fresh. 0
Escape the 9–5 We are here trying to escape the 9–5 for good. Join us in the process. Build something for yourself. 0
I AM A WRITER For New Writers We write for new writers (0 to 5 years in experience) and help new writers improve their writing craft and turn their writing into profitable businesses they love. 0