Publications tagged `WRITING`
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Writing Together Bringing together a network of new and experienced writers, from all backgrounds, with many messages. Together, we can learn and grow in life and in our writing! 396
idle musings a blog by the editors of EIDOLON 386
Weeds & Wildflowers Stories of Dennett (Wildflower) & Ben (Weed) & Our Guests 385
Page Count Explorations into the writer’s livelihood. We’re taking the red pen to the idea that art and money have nothing to do with each other. 368
Amateur Book Reviews Recent reviews and impressions on books you've read! Writers welcome! Follow me and email me at with a draft. 358
Your Life. Your Voice. The message behind the words is the voice of the heart. 348
Daily Muse Books Be Inspired! The latest book and author news, unique writing tips & prompts! 335
Brian — The Man Behind The Pen Recently, a man used my name as if it were a weapon. I am who I am, and this is my journey. 330
Indelible Ink Non-fiction that resonates, stories that last 322
KO63 Music No reviews, just features on the people who make the music - all music. From rock and rap to country and pop, if you listen to it, I'll write about it. 317
Write STUFF Helpful and inspirational posts about writing. 314
The Brave Writer The next generation of writers breaking barriers together. 304
Donut Holes A random assortment of bite-sized ideas. Created by Justin Cox. 291
MuddyUm A Satirical View | Making M*d*um FUN Again 284
Sapere Aude Incipe Sapere Aude means Dare To Be Wise. This publication is a place for individual thinkers where ideas are free to be discussed, criticized and debated. We all feel lost in life sometimes and want to know more about ourselves and the world. Let’s find the answers together. 279