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poetry ‘n sh*t We have created a space for creatives. This publication isn’t about poetry or literature or prose, it’s about everything and anything creative! 2
Bullheaded Bits on sports, work, life, music and gaming. 2
Naked-insight Naked-insight is a social research project aimed to explore the nature of the world we live-in and its structures. Inform the future of public-policy making via an unique approach of “insight generation” on every topic to build equitable societies with values of love &compassion 2
Not Quite Poetry Not Quite Poetry is a place to release the words inside of you in free-verse, but without the form and not bound by the rules of poetry. Raw, honest, and vulnerable, Not Quite Poetry is for those who need to get what’s in our mind onto the screen. 2
Mindset Garden Welcome to Mindset Garden ♡ A garden because you may choose to grow a beautiful and uplifting thought that will blossom in your life. Or you may let the weeds grow by default. Here we teach how to make your life bloom and dig out the weeds before they make your life unpleasant. 2
Life Cafe Share Stories of your life, life hacks and anything about life 2
Dismantling A Paradigm Paradigms govern your inner life. These paradigms determine your understanding about the nature of reality and your place in it. You can dismantle your paradigms using subconscious mind reprogramming, and this publication is here to help you do it. 2
Your Emotional Intelligence Emotional intelligence is a crucial thing in our lives. 2
Life: An architecture of magic Who are we to be in a world that constantly plays tricks on us? Who are we to become in a world that constantly changes its reflection? 2
A Bowl Full of Lemons A Bowl Full of Lemons is a publication that is focused on the lessons learned from the pandemic and the ways in which our lives have changed. The focus will always be on moving forward with joy while honoring the loss and challenges of the past. 2
Story of Me A place to share your life stories and improve storytelling skills 2
Square in a Sphere Square in a Sphere is a collection of short notes on different subject matters, written in brief moments of inspiration. 2
After Church Exploring how to live our best lives according to scriptures and not limited to religions 2
Letters of Lessons Learned Letters to self. Letters to others. Letters to people you may not yet know and may no longer know. This publication is intended to share personal stories and advice for others, whether through short story, life lessons, lessons learned the hard way. 1
Poky and Scratchy Learnings of a Mom of two girls, one with a Sensory Processing Disorder 1