Publications tagged `LIFE LESSONS`
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Acid Sugar Life, acid and sweet. 470
Luminesce Stories and lessons about surviving and thriving in the modern world. 455
Dionysis’ desk Android code, life thoughts and more.. 448
Middle-Pause Helping you to create an oasis in the middle of your crisis of managing work, family, relationships, parenting, menopause, and caregiving. 419
Subversion Subversion is a publication by @1517fund that features stories of people who are in protest of something they care deeply about. What are you rallying against? 400
The Beta Mode Beta is a phase where we are incomplete, with errors and mistakes being made. It is also a phase where there is rapid learning and experimentation. Being in beta mode is focusing on progress, and not perfection. Here, we embrace beta. 385
*The Inspirer Healing when you’re broken, hope in times of despair. Poetry, fiction, and other stories to warm your heart and soul. Be inspired as you uncover the deepest longings of your heart. 371
Any Writers Writing about anything 367
A Good Life Life hacks, productivity hacks, life lessons, career advice, relationships, travel, and everything else one needs for leading the good life. 363
How To Life Live Laugh Love. Only the way we tell you. Or die. 359
Unlearning and Learning This publication is about sharing stories and poems about life, lessons we’ve learned, things that we need to unlearn and many different topics that can teach or inspire. 355
The GYST Get Your Shit Together —Organization Tips for Mind, Body, Career, Home, and Life 346
The Happiness Planner — Mastering Happiness and Success One Day At A Time An inspirational blog about modern life wisdom and how you can find happiness from within, 343
Amalgamate Psychology, philosophy, science and where they intersect. 342
Freelance Filter Software, Apps, & Resources to help writers and other creatives do business online better. 283