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The Humanists of Our Generation Philosophy publications are scarce on Medium. Philosophical minds are scarce in Politics. They are scarce in the public. That has to change. This is a publication that treasures humanists. We question what sort of society we should build for a communal environment to flourish in. 209
Travels Of Travis Exploring modern humanity. Telling stories. Sharing lessons. Listening to learn. 200
Tiny Life Moments Tiny Life Moments is for writers and readers who believe experience is the best teacher. Our stories follow a consistent format: “Story — Reflection — Takeaways.” Join us and share your experiences in an open and honest way. Let’s learn from each other. New writers are welcome. 189
Counter Intuition Personal blog on leadership, philosophy, behavior change, and technology. 186
Journey to Self We map individuals’ journey of transformation to self-betterment and personal growth. Striving to inspire you to become a better, wiser, healthier and more mindful self. We also aim to support upcoming writers to grow into confident storytellers that master their craft. 184
Social Jogi A publication for people from around the world who want to share their unique experiences with others. 180
The Second Act Changing Careers, Changing Relationships, Changing Your Life. 178
Dabbler Stories shared of colorful life experiments, rich experiences and personal journeys. 171
We're Still Cool What can we say? We're still cool! 162
Love In The Air Let’s Learn How To Love Unconditionally 160
The Gorgeous Girl’s Guide Weekly strategies to help women reset and realign in a destabilizing world. 157
Social Nuisance Publishing diverse observations of the world around us. 144
Establish Home of the dreamers. 140 The thoughts on Product, Technology and Life at large of the Team members. 140
The Dream Verse A World of Content from The Dreamers. 139